VTC Overview

Leave No Man Behind.  
This is the basic tenet of the North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court

Leave no man behind - CopyAs a result of military service, Veterans may sustain or further exacerbate physical injuries and/or psychological injuries resulting in substance abuse, developing or exacerbating mental health disorders and sometimes resort to criminal behavior.  The Veterans’ Treatment Court seeks to address the underlying issues that brought the Veteran into the criminal justice system. In order to assist Veterans with their physical, psychological and/or mental health issues, Veterans admitted to the Veterans’ Treatment Court undergo about two years of intense court oversight and treatment. The program requires that the Veteran:

• Drug and alcohol test minimally 3 times a week throughout the program
• Obtain treatment for substance abuse and/or alcohol abuse
• Obtain treatment for mental health disorders
• Obtain treatment by the Veterans Administration Hospital, or community sources
• Veterans are closely monitored by the Court and probation throughout the two years of their participation
• Each veteran is assigned a Veteran Mentor that has been trained to assist Veterans participating in the Court programs