Struggling alone to get your life back together is no small task ... even for the bravest of soldiers. That is why the North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court is so unique and effective.  The NOCVTC created a Mentor program to assist the Veteran on the path to recovery.

The primary purpose of the Military Veteran Mentor is to provide assistance and support to Veterans who need help accomplishing their Veteran’s Court goals. These Veterans’ lives have been intervened by the justice system because they have been convicted of one or more misdemeanors and are in need of taking positive steps towards improving their well-being. It is a Military Veteran Mentor’s belief that no-matter what the present circumstances of the Veteran are, they have the capacity to heal. They presently may be suffering from trauma, substance dependence, depression or other life threatening problems as a direct result of their past experiences both in and out of military service. A Military Veteran Mentor shares a common bond of experience with the Veteran they are helping that creates an opportunity to establish trust, understanding, and encouragement to change.