The only absolute requirement to become a Veteran Mentor is being a fellow Veteran who has a sincere desire to help another Veteran in need with their Veteran’s Court Goals. The following recommendations are suggested as a guideline for success. Practicing these suggestions is the gateway to providing maximum service to the Veteran you are helping and ensuring they are given your very best. Be a positive role model.  Instill hope and encourage change. Lead by example practicing accountability and responsibility. Be able to commit the necessary time and energy to participate in the program. Be an honorably discharged or retired U.S. Military Veteran with no less than two years of active duty. Possess a valid Michigan Driver’s License. Attend the Veteran Mentor Training class.  Be able to commit the time to assist your assigned Veteran Mentor as required Attend Veteran Mentor meetings and sponsored events.  Attend monthly Veteran Court sessions as required. Take care of your own well-being experiencing crisis!

If you are willing to give back to those who have given so much, please contact Rhett Reader at for more information.