What is a Mentor?

Hopeless and Hungry. 
veterans-dayA Marine Veteran who served tours in Iraq stepped into his Veteran Mentors home. They had known each other since he started receiving treatment through the North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court. The Veteran was looking for a role model and someone to pull him with a vision of hope. He found that and more. The Veteran Mentor asked the young man to join him for dinner. While they were eating the Veteran Mentor could not help but notice how fast the Veteran was eating his food. Alarmed and shocked, the Mentor asked his Veteran: "when was the last time you ate anything"? The Veteran said it had been three days. The Veteran was immediately assisted with an abundance of help. These facts are the bitter truth of what some of our Veterans are facing in our very own community. Poverty and hunger is a reality that can be found everywhere. This is why Veteran Mentors help other Veterans and the friends of the North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court is there when crisis is occurring.